i'm being "tough" with you but the world outside there is tougher than am i
you may find it is really hard, challenging, stressful and uncomfortable in the moment
eventually you will get used to it 
and in the long run, it will give you a strength

a strength to face the tougher world 

the idea is not to develop the best of you at the moment 
the best of you for now and in future.
and to keep the best of you while i'm living 
i'm dying you still being the best one.

its true I put high expectation on you 
in my eyes i see you in a high place. 
as they said it is bad, forgive me. 

because of this expectation 
then i give you all i have 100%, i put my soul into it. 
on contrary, 
you don't give me 100% of all you got in yourself.

i'm frustrated, angry, my hand keeps shaking, my eyes get blurry as i hold the tears, my heart beating crazily...aching, my head hurting. once in awhile i whining to other in order to feel less burden. i know all of these things for the long term it will affect my health. profession hazard. 

it is not good. not good

i did said to myself "its ok, it will be fine, as long as it will make you change and improve, it is worth it... it is. 

the time to worry is not when i'm angry you 
that means i care. 
the time to worry is when i ignore you, 
its means i don't give a damn care about you anymore or in other word, i already give up on you

and i haven't really thought to give up on you. 

yes, i'm a person which is lack of compassionate and love
all i can offer you is a tough love kids
a tough love

kerja bersungguh-sungguh tegur depan-depan dah jatuh salah. mungkin kerja bermalas-malasan dan mengutuk belakang adalah sesuatu yang betul masa kini. dunia penghujung.... guru harus menjaga hati anak murid, dan seorang guru harus gerun dengan doa dari seorang anak murid.